A Typical Project Lifecycle

Project Life CycleFrom the time the initial contact is made with a client, until the website is ready for the world, it generally takes about 6 weeks. During that time, each website goes through the 5-Stage Project Lifecycle:

  1. Initial Contact and Research

    An MJA Web Design representative and a web designer talk to prospective clients (in-person meetings, by phone, or through email) and learn about their design wants and needs. We also inquire about the client’s market, competitors, and the resources available at his or her disposal. Additionally, we conduct market research on industry norms specific to the client and compare the client’s regional competitors and industry leaders.

  2. Proposal and Acceptance

    During this stage, we develop and present a proposal that addresses the needs and desires of the client. The proposal includes the price and design parameters.  Proposals are honored for two weeks upon delivery. Once the proposal is accepted by the client, MJA Web Design presents a contract with project schedule and work begins.

  3. Design

    At the beginning of the design cycle, our designers create "wire-frames" (skeletons of a website).  The wire-frames are presented to the client and show where each graphical component will be located before the actual graphics, text, and colors are added.

    After a wireframe has been approved, our designers produce a mockup of the new website, which expresses colors, any "namesake" text (i.e. logos, titles, etc.), and graphics.  The mockups are presented to the client and show how the final website will look in a browser.

  4. Development and Testing

    Once the client agrees on a particular design, our developers will begin to implement the approved mockups on a testing server.  Over the next several weeks, developers will solicit input from the client on a regular basis, apply design parameters, and insert the agreed-upon features and functions.

    The developer team extensively tests the website for functionality and graphical errors.  We use a variety of industry-accepted and specialized tests to ensure that the website can withstand the rigors of use.

  5. Project Delivery

    Client enjoys the launch of his or her website!